Facebook-This Content isn’t Available Right Now [Fixed]

Facebook is a social media application that often faces or shows technical errors or glitches. And the most reported one nowadays is- “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now” message from Facebook.

This issue or this message can pop up on any post from your friend’s post, from any person you are following, or even on your post, as seen from the reports by several users.

There can be various different reasons behind this error and today we will be talking about the most significant ones. We will also look at the steps you must take to eradicate this error if possible.

Facebook has received many reports regarding this message or error and no action has yet been taken.

What is Facebook this content isn’t available right now?

Facebook is one of the most used social media apps that sometimes gives you errors. Some of these errors can be easily fixed by you while others would require some technical support from the back-end team.

The “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now” is another error that is faced by Facebook users from around the world.

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While the content is actually not available for you, there may be at times that some disruption or problem from your side caused this error to occur. Read the article further to make things clear.

Reasons behind Facebook this content isn’t available right now:

  • The person who posted the content has blocked you or made his account private.
  • The person who posted the content has deleted it or Facebook took down the post because of some guideline violation (it was marked as spam).
  • The person who posted the content has set an age or location limit on the post.
  • Some virus or malware has entered your device and causing troubles to Facebook.
  • Facebook’s server is down.
  • The account on which this post was posted, is deleted.

What to do to fix it?

Look at the following solutions or methods to see if your error can be resolved easily or not:

Check if you are blocked:

If the person, whose post is shown unavailable to you, has blocked you then, this is error is obvious. You can easily check if you are blocked or not- if you are blocked by the person then you will not be able to view their entire profile.

This happens because the person does not want you to bother him or her and be in contact with. So, that person restricts you from their entire profile and you will not be able to see anything.

You can either talk to that person through other means or rest assured that there is no technical error from your side.

Log in to Facebook properly

You would have experienced when Facebook automatically signs you out from the app and brings you back to the login page.

If you haven’t experienced this before then it is well and good but this can be the reason behind Facebook this content isn’t available right now in the error message.

It is also possible that Facebook logged you out from the account but did not direct you back to the login page, and this causes an error while viewing any content on this platform.

All you have to do is- go to the settings of this social media platform, click on log out, log in again with your credentials, and search again for the same content. If you are able to view the content again- your issue is resolved successfully.

Look for the privacy setting changes

The person who posted the content could have changed his account’s privacy settings allowing only limited people to view his content. If this is the case and you are not included in the limited people list by that person, then seeing this error is common.

If the account is made private from the public, you will easily be able to verify this: go to the main profile of that person, and there you would see that it is written: “this account is private”.

All you need to do is send a request to this person which if accepted will let you view the content and otherwise, you will not be able to see it again.

The account is deleted

If the owner of this post has deleted his account, all the content posted will also be deleted and thus, the content you are trying to see will not be available.

To make sure that this is the reason, try to open the profile of the owner. If you are able to view the profile, then the reason behind the error on your system is different so, keep reading further.

Facebook is down

If you are not able to view any content on your feed, then likely, Facebook’s servers are down. Facebook is a large online platform, sometimes to face technical issues is a normal thing.

You can search your web browser and check the news if Facebook is really down or not. You cannot do much but just wait, if the servers are down.

Malware or bug intrusion in your system

A malware or bug from your system could be intruding with the application and enabling such errors. You must check your system for any virus or malware by using trustable Antivirus software. After eradicating the virus, try to view the same content again.

Reconfiguring the page

This method is applicable if people report that they are unable to view the content on your Facebook page. To address this issue, you must reconfigure your page and remove all the restrictions blocking your content for the public.

From the main menu on your Facebook application, select the Manage page and click on the page that shows this error. Open the settings of this page, go to the General tab, and edit Page Visibility, Country Restrictions, and Age Restrictions to the appropriate settings. Save all the changes at the end of the process and ask your friends if they can see the content or not.


Sometimes the content isn’t visible or available due to Geographical restrictions set by the owner. Enable a VPN that lets you view any content without any restriction.

Download and install any authentic VPN app, enable it by going to this application and clicking on Connect.


So, here were the possible reasons and solutions behind Facebook this content isn’t available right now an error.

It can occur due to some technical changes from your end, from the owner’s end, or from Facebook’s end. You need not worry in any case, because this article mentions all the important things you must do to eradicate this error.

Do let us know in the comments, which method helped you fix this error on your system.

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