Tips To Follow Before Applying For Adsense

Must Read Google Adsense Policies

These days getting an adsense approval is very easy as google changed its terms and conditions.There shouldn’t be any problem if you are a new website owner.

Even though if google rejected your application then try the below tips.You will definitely get adsense approval.I promise it!


1)Privacy policy

This page is very important for Google adsense approval.Privacy Policy is a legal document of your website which tells that which information is collected by website from user’s browser, like user ip address and location etc.,

In this page you should explain users that how the information is passed and from where it is!Google uses cookies to place ads on user’s browser and system in order to serve ad service based on their interest.

If you want to make privacy policy and have a enough knowledge to make it, you can use online tools to make privacy policy, many tools are available online.

2)About us

About us page is another legal page,it is very important for Google adsense approval, because it contains your site description, what your website is about. In this page you can include topics you cover in your site, and describe your goals.

Put details about you and author’s so that it provides professional experience to users and other websites. So include “about” page on your site quickly.

3)Contact page

This is very important page you must have in your website before applying to Google adsense,in this page you should describe your email address and contact information.

This page specially tells Google that you care about your viewers and anyone can contact you, if they have any query regarding your content. Contact page helps you in several times not only for Google adsense approval, also many companies use this page to get in contact with you.

4)Type of content

If you want Google adsense account. Check your content type,I mean Google hate violent content,adult contents and etc.,this type of contents violates Google terms and polices. Remove these types of contents from your site, before applying for adsense.

Also write content that belongs to the niche you choose.Example:tech,health care,products etc.,

Remove below listed contents from your site:

  • Content related to hacking
  • Hateful content
  • Violent content
  • Adult content
  • Racial content
  • Content related to drugs
  • Piracy

5)Remove Other Ad ads

If you have third-party ads(any other source ads) running on your site, quickly remove all ads and other advertisements like infolinks,chitika,propeller ads etc.,You can use these ads after google adsense approval.But don’t put those ads before applying for adsense.

You are allowed to use only 3 ads on one page, if you continue to use too many ads on your website then Google considers your site as spam and there is a chance of ban.Even too many ads increases the page loading time and decreases SEO performance!

6)Follow these things

  •  Broken Links-Before applying for Google Adsense Account:you should remove broken links from your website, Google hate broken links that exist on your website/blog. Broken links give negative impact on your visitors and also for your adsense application.If your site is on WordPress you can use broken link checker,to check and remove broken links.
  • Copied content– Google hates duplicate content,Google have no acceptance rule for copied content, and they only like original content and want to be connected with only persons who put in the hard work.If you are not confident that your content can pass the test,then you can check your website for duplicate content using CopyScape website.
  • Length of post – This is very important as Google dislikes less content posts.Google says that “there is no topic that is small”,i.e., if your content is too short then you haven’t covered all the characteristics and you should research more.You can write long articles with an average of 600–700 words in your post.

7)Easy Navigation

You website design and navigation gives great impact on your adsense application.Choose good design for your website and blog.Good design doesn’t mean to have clean and beautiful images,banners on your site.Good design means a clean navigation i.e.,all the categories should be on the navigation bar,so that they can be easy accessible.

If your site has bad navigation,you have no chance to get an approval.Maintain proper order of your site pages,archives etc.,

8)Numbers of Posts

This is one of the famous question people ask before applying for Google Adsense.To be exact there is no correct number to how many posts should be there.

I’ve see some of the websites which have only some posts on their website/blog and still got accepted by Adsense.I recommend 15 to 20 quality and original posts,before applying for Google Adsense.

Most people apply adsense, before or on 20 to 30 posts website have.

9)Age of your Website

Age of your website doesn’t matter at all.For example our website “Tech1Xpert” got adsense approval on the 3rd day of establishment.But your google account should be atleast 2-3 months old and there shouldn’t be any violations.Also you must be atleast 18 years old!

10)HardWork-Last But Not Least

Hardwork always pays.Keep trying to improve your website in each and every aspect.Write posts daily with quality content!

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