Top 4 Android Games In The World 2016

Top 4 Android Games In The World 2016
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Top 4 Android Games In The World 2016

Top 4 Android Games?What are those?Being an android geek, I understand a majority of android apps consists of “games” !

Now, the android marketplace has over 1Million games, and that complicates a lot of things. I mean how on earth would you go with one, and reject the other, right? The games can be divided into more than 10+ categories, consisting of over 100 sub categories, the most popular ones being:-

  • Action
  • Runner
  • Puzzle
  • Quiz
  • shadow

Etc. Well, now all the games are creative enough to have such an awesome description and cover image that you’ll just fall for them. So that’s the reason I’m writing this piece today, I’ll be listing some of the few, top rated games that would make it worth your time and bandwidth ( internet isn’t free, and I know that ).Lets look at Top 4 Android Games now.

Into The Dead

top 4 android games

An awesome 3D runner game, with enticing graphics. Ever played Temple Run? Something like that, you’re being chased by zombies and you’ve got to save your life. You do have weapons no doubt, and it’s endless.

Meaning, you can keep running the whole day, and all your life, and still you won’t reach a “Wow you’re saved” thing ( just like it happens in most of the running games ) !

Overall, it’s dark, and shadowy, a perfect match for a dark room and gloomy day!.

Download Into The Dead From Google Play Store

Injustice Gods Among Us

top 4 android games

Well, another masterpiece, crafted with perfect marketing.

Meaning, it has real characters from the DC comics as the heroes, and who doesn’t know the DC comic guys, right? Also, the weapons and super powers are unique to each character , which just adds up to your excitement.

It’s definitely an action game, but what makes it special is you can actually play with your other friends online. So well, just invite them over and beat the shit out of each other.

Download Injustice Gods Among Us From Google Play Store

Grand Theft Auto

I don’t think these even need a description. I’m pretty sure most of you on this page right now, have played GTA at least once in your whole lifetime.

top 4 android gamesThe mobile version is also almost similar, Cars, Chaos, killing, and a lot of area to explore. The graphics are pretty neat compared it’s a mobile game, and the controls smooth.

The one thing good about the mobile version is there’s no quality degradation. Meaning, if you enjoyed playing it on PC, you’re going to love it on your mobile device.

Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas From Google Play Store

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

top 4 android games

A super advanced action game for your androids. It got controls, really smooth ones. It got graphics, really enticing ones, and it got characters, really solid ones.Step into the action as the latest installment in the best FPS series raises the bar for shooter games once more! Create a squad, add your friends and test your individual and team skills against other squads in dynamic multiplayer warfare!

It has built-in “classes”, to help you choose from a variety of abilities and styles of game-play. Not just that, it supports online multiplayer games too. If the assets already provided aren’t enough, you can always go out, and buy from the in-app purchase thing, but that’s hardly needed, the free version itself got enough tools and powers and stuff to lure you into it.

Download Mortal Kombat 5 Blackout From Google Play Store


The games were not made by me or my friend, they are listed here just because they deserve to be. I mean, seriously I don’t think any one of you doubt that a game like GTA deserves to be where it is, right?

So what holds true is, you got an android device, and you need to spend your time doing something, play games. Games that have been high rated, and will boost your user-experience.

And I can boldly state that games have thought me more about history and designing and creativity then any school book ever did.

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