Turn Your Ordinary Laptop Into Gaming Laptop Using EXP GDC

Turn Your Ordinary Laptop Into Gaming Laptop Using EXP GDC
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Hey Gamers, this article is for you. Are you fed up with your laptop graphics? Don’t have money to buy a gaming laptop? Then EXP GDC is the best solution for you. Even iam a gamer playing black ops 2 on Intel HD 4400.I didn’t even try to run GTA V on my laptop coz i know it lags a lot.

Counter Global Offensive runs at 60 fps at 1280×720 with low settings. And i dont even have money to buy a gaming laptop. So i thought of writing about EXP GDC to help you get a good graphics performance with your gaming.Lets have a look at it:

What is EXP GDC ?

EXP GDC  is a NOTEBOOK external graphics adapter equipment which will allow you to connect an external graphic card of your choice. Cool right? 🙂

Most of the laptops comes with built-in graphic card and you cant change them.For example, my laptop doesn’t have any dedicated graphics. I just have Intel HD 4400 as integrated graphics which is not good for gaming.

So if i connect EXP GDC to my laptop, then i can connect any AMD or NVIDIA graphic card externally to my laptop.So before you buy EXP GDC make sure your laptop has Intel HD Graphics as integrated.

exp gdc

Where To Buy EXP GDC ?

There are 4 variants in EXP GDC. You have to check your laptop type before buying EXP GDC. Those 4 variants are:

1)Mini PCI-E Version:Check if you laptop has Mini PCI-E inside the motherboard.If you have that slot then you have to buy the Mini PCI-E version.

2)NGFF Version: If you have bought your laptop after 2015 then your laptop must be having NGFF slot.So check it before you buy the NGFF version.

exp gdc

3)Expresscard Version:Old laptops will be using Expresscard slots.These slots are present on the sides of laptops.Check if your laptop supports expresscard.

exp gdc

4)MAC Version:As the name itself says, this is for apple laptops. If you have an apple laptop buy compatible version.

How To Use It?

The process is very simple.Just buy the EXP slot from above links according to your laptop. Connect power cable to the EXP , connect hdmi port from EXP to your laptop. Insert the graphic card into the EXP .

If your graphic card needs additional power then you have to supply it. Turn your laptop on and install the drivers of your graphic card. Voila! Now you can run all your desired games without the need of changing your laptop or desktop. You can watch the video below for instructions:

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