What Is A Hybrid SIM Slot In Latest Smartphones?

What Is A Hybrid SIM Slot In Latest Smartphones?
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What Is A Hybrid SIM Slot In Latest Smartphones

Each and every smartphone manufacturers these days are shifting to Hybrid SIM Slot these days to save the device space and to provide you with compatibility. You would have already seen a lot of Hybrid SIM Slots by now. So what is it? Well, here is an explanation of it so that you won’t be confused the next time you buy a new smartphone.

What Is A Hybrid SIM Slot

A hybrid SIM Slot is created to work as both sim slot and a micro-sd slot. So that you can insert two sims or you can insert one sim and one micro SD card together.

Literally, you can use your phone as a dual SIM phone or you can use your smartphone with a single sim and a micro SD card. Here you have only two possibilities to use the Hybrid SIM Slot.

Hybrid SIM Slot

The sim card size that can be used in the hybrid sim slot is nano sim card. You can use two nano sim cards together at same time. Also, the size of micro SD card depends on the phone manufacturer.

Some companies will have micro SD card size limitations. So, be sure to check it out before buying a micro SD card. Basically, this type of sim card slots doesn’t have any other functionality than a usual sim slot.

But they save the device space and make the slot simple to use and productive as well. The Hybrid SIM Slot is handy and you can just insert it or remove it with a simple pin provided with the smartphone. You can also use any other safety pin in case you loose the pin that came with your smartphone.

SIM Card Sizes Explained

There are normally three sizes available in the sim card. They are:

  1. Mini-SIM (Big)
  2. Micro-SIM (Small)
  3. Nano-SIM (Smaller)

Hybrid SIM Slot

Lets hope for the smallest sim card in the near future. You can use a sim cutter tool which won’t cost you more than 4$ or 300 rupees. Anyways lets now get into advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid SIM Slot.

Advantages Of Hybrid SIM Slot

This type of sim slot makes your phone look slimmer. Also, the sim tray is easy to insert and remove. Previously we used to remove the smartphone battery to remove the sim card out. But, thankfully this Hybrid SIM slot saved our time. There is no other advantage with this type of sim slot except the ones stated above.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid SIM Slot

This type of sim slot mainly limits your smartphones functionality as it limits the micro SD card usage. As i stated earlier we can either use two nano sim cards at a time or we can use one nano sim card and a micro SD card. This is where it lacks. Also, some smartphone manufacturers limited the storage size of micro SD card.

Note: There is a simple hack available to use two sim cards with a micro SD card at same time but you have to sacrifice one sim card for that! The sacrifice is because you ar going to cut a sim card to the smallest size in order to fit both micro SD card and the sim card.

To understand this completely watch the video below. This video can be used for any hybrid SIM Slot not just Redmi Note 3.

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