Download WhatsApp for Windows and Mac (setup files)

Download WhatsApp for Windows and Mac (setup files)
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If you always wanted to download WhatsApp for your Windows PC or the Mac and were using the web version by going to, there is a good news. The most popular cross platform instant messaging app – WhatsApp is now officially be downloaded for Windows PC as well Macbook.

The long wait of the people has finally came to an end but I do not see any much use of downloading WhatsApp executable file setup for Windows or Macbook as even though you have installed on your computer, you need a mobile phone to use it.

WhatsApp works with the mobile number unlike other messaging apps such as Telegram, WeChat etc and hence it wouldn’t work if the connection between your smartphone and the WhatsApp client on your computer is not established.

Just like WhatsApp web, you need to scan QR code to get all the messages appear on the laptop screen.

WhatsApp for Windows and MacWe have seen lots of changes since Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for hefty 19 billion dollar. Just after purchase they carried out material design overhaul, add functionality for sending pdf files, introduced WhatsApp web version, and recently they removed status option and incorporated feature like we see in Snapchat.

The app has been downloaded by billions of people from around the world who exchange several million messages, videos, pictures, gifs and other files such as PDF.

People can make unlimited free voice as well video calls using WhatsApp with anyone living in any corner of the world and have WhatsApp installed on its device as well. Since WhatsApp consumes Wi-Fi internet or the data plan of your phone, it makes sense to get unlimited internet plan.

Apart from that you can make a group and invite people to interact with each other. Nowdays, people are using WhatsApp for business purpose as well since it helps them to stay in touch with their customers.

WhatsApp for Windows or the Mac can be downloaded from official website and installed with a simple click. The process of installation of this app on any of these two platform is same as installing any other software on the computer.

WhatsApp for Windows are available for only Windows 8 or later versions only and Win Vista, Win 7 users will not be able to download WhatsApp for Windows until they upgrade the operating system to atleast Windows 8.

The setup file is available for 64-bit as well 32-bit Windows 8 or higher version of Windows however the Macbook users must have Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.

Once you download WhatsAppSetup.exe file for Windows or .dmg file for Mac, double click it and install by going through installation process.

Once WhatsApp is installed, open it and you will see QR code exactly similar to what you see on the WhatsApp web.

Pick your smartphone, scan the code by choosing WhatsApp web option and all the messages & notifications will start to populate on your desktop client.

I don’t understand the purpose of releasing desktop client when we have WhatsApp web option in case we want to use it on a bigger screen. Though its my personal choice !

Some people don’t want to open the website everytime they have to use WhatsApp on laptop. In that case the client is a great option.


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