WhatsApp Latest Update brings support for Bold and Italics text

WhatsApp Latest Update brings support for Bold and Italics text
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WhatsApp has introduced some new features for Android once again. The new update now allows users to type the text in bold and italic. This feature comes in handy when one wishes to type to highlight something important in a conversation. Users will be able to find the setting within the chat window when the feature is made available.

All you have to do is to put the text that you have to see as bold inside asterisks(*) while typing and the phrase you need to italicise between underscores(_). The recipients can only see the text in bold and italics if they are on the same app version.

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In addition, new abilities have been added to WhatsApp document file sharing option. Users can now share a document via Google Drive.

They can either select a PDF File, a Word document or a Power Point presentation from Google Drive, which will then be automatically converted to PDF format before it goes to other recipients. Additionally when users are backing up a chat, WhatsApp will reflect how the progress goes as well.

The latest version of WhatsApp is not yet available on the PlayStore, interested users can however download the APK file here. All these changes seem rather handy for users, as they’ll be able to do more while on the move.

WhatsApp has been adding a host of new features to the app since 2016 began. Recently the company introduced support for sharing documents, a new of new Emojis and a completely revamped Settings page on Android. The Settings screen brought new features including a circular profile picture, instead of a square one like before.

On iOS WhatsApp added features like Pinch to Zoom’ on video content, third-party app support for sharing pictures and videos. iPhone users can now pick from a variety of solid colours for their chat background as well.

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