WhatsApp Latest Update:Mentions, Public groups and Large Emoji

WhatsApp Latest Update:Mentions, Public groups and Large Emoji
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WhatsApp Latest Update: Music sharing, Mentions

Whatsapp, the social messaging platform is working on tonnes of new features. WhatsApp could soon give users the ability to share their favorite music tracks with friends, according to leaked screenshots. The popular chat platform is also expected to support larger emoji characters, public groups, and more.


According to German site Macerkopf which has got access to latest beta notes the new feature to share music with your contacts.The website notes that the new feature will allow users to share music stored locally on your device as well as from Apple Music.When users share a track, the recipient sees a small player with album art. Tapping on the icon will allow the recipient to listen to it.


The report further states that WhatsApp is also working on a new mentions feature which works similar to Twitter and a public groups feature which allows anyone to join the group with the link.

Coming to larger emoji – the move follows Apple’s unveiling of larger emoji with iOS 10.¬†9to5Mac reports that the WhatsApp beta team revealed this week that emoji will match the ones¬†introduced with iOS 10, which are three times bigger than current ones.

When it comes to public groups, anyone with a link to a specific group can post content to it, and admins will be able to shut groups downs when needed.

The mentions feature works pretty much just like it does on Twitter: You can simply tag people in your address book within a chat.

WhatsApp recently announced that its platform is being used to make 100 million voice calls each day. The platform has also added end-to-end encryption to ensure secure messaging.

New WhatsApp features often leak out ahead of their official unveilings in pre-release versions of the app. Not all of them make it into a final version, and those that do usually spend months in development before we can get our hands on them.

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