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How To Fix Xapk File Validation Failed Error In Android?

How To Fix Xapk File Validation Failed Error In Android?
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How To Fix Xapk File Validation Failed Error In Android?

xapk file validation is a common issue for people who are downloading pirated games.A lot of people are searching for Xapk File Validation error on Google.That’s why I  have written this article.Xapk error is same as-“you may not have purchased this app error” in android games.

Most of the users face this error when installing the game along with data files. Probably you have downloaded a paid android application or game for free from a pirated website. I recommend you to purchase android games from Google Play Store directly if this error persists.

xapk file validationBecause if you download the game from anywhere else there is a chance to infect your android device with Malware!  This error occurs if you did not place data folder properly in the desired place. There are two types of data files placements for the Android games.

  • Android/obb : If particular game’s data is to be placed in obb folder then you can not download data files directly from the game because this method needs to check license verification from Google play.
  • Android/data: If there is a game where its files are to be placed in Android/data/ then that means you can download data files directly from the game.

Fix Xapk File Validation Error After Purchasing The Game From Google play

  • Use ES File Explorer File Manager to backup your android game. To do this open ES File Explorer and go to  Tools->App Manager->Long tap on the game->backup. You can find your backed up apk game file in SD card/ Backups/Apps.
  • Copy your android game data file into your computer or different folder in your sd card. You can find the game data file in android/data or android/obb folder. For example, if you are getting xapk file validation error while installing GTA Auto 3 android game, the data folder name is ‘com.rockstar.gta3′ . To find other games data folder ,you have a look at the Google Play url of the desired android game. For Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the Google Play url is So the data folder name is com.rockstargames.gtavc.
  • After backing up game apk and data files, uninstall the game and delete sd data folder.
  • After completely uninstalling the game apk and data files, install apk and do not open the game.
  • Now place the data folder in sdcard (External)/Android/Obb/ (here). If you don’t have external sd card then place it in internal sd card android/obb folder.
  • Launch the game now, xapk File Validation Failed Error should be gone now!

Fix xAPK File Validation Error After Downloading APK And Data

Most of the Indian android users doesn’t have an credit card to purchase the application or game from Google Play Store.So,i recommend to use Entropay to create virtual credit card using your debit card or by transferring money from your bank account.Anyways to fix xapk file validation error after downloading apk and data from the web, follow below instructions:

  •  Uninstall the apk if it is previously installed.
  • Delete the data files, including the one that is in android/obb and android/data folder.
  • Copy apk again and install it.Do not open the game now.
  • Place the downloaded Obb folder in External sd card/android/obb/(here)
  • Launch game, now it should work!

xapk file validation

So in case of GTA VICE CITY game simply follow this below steps to get it to work:

1)Install APK.
2)Don’t copy and paste .obb file to the folder.
3)Copy .obb file and paste it in a new folder named “com.rockstargames.gtavc”.
4)Now, copy ‘com.rockstargames.gtavc’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/obb’ (OBB same as previous version)
5) Now launch the Game.



  1. I have already download SD data apk and copy to obb folder and I am open game but not start the game .-+;:'”:;

    Please help me

    How do yo do

    This is very hard work

    The file name is main rock star GTA vice city apk

    Copy to obb folder and install the game and lunch the game but not start
    The game

    Please help me

  2. I place the obb folder downloaded a file name main.rockstargames.gtasa then i installed apk but still not working and showing unfortunatly stopped


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