Windows 12 Release Date, Features, and Concept

Windows or Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system for all our electronic smart gadgets like smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc.

It is an American company that specializes in developing and commercializing digital machine components.

It has many versions of computer operating systems that have evolved with time, starting from MS-DOS to the latest Windows 11.

We are expecting Microsoft would release Windows 12 soon. There are numerous rumors in the air.

Windows 10 has been the main operating system of Microsoft for many years. Some are assuming that the entire idea of Windows 12 is a hoax. Well, we cannot say this whole idea is right or not.

Windows 12

You might come across YouTube channels where people are uploading videos using Windows 12, so your anticipation is understandable. Unfortunately, we cannot say anything now. 

You must be curious about the features you will get when you update to the latest Windows version. 

What is New?

Many of you out there may be eagerly waiting for the release of the latest upgraded version of Windows OS.

But let us tell you at the very beginning that there is no official announcement from Microsoft yet about the release date of Windows 12.

However, there are too many speculations and rumors floating in the air, that say the OS might be available anytime soon this year, and that too at an affordable price for general people. 

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Every fact we have gathered about this operating system till now is completely based on the calculated speculations made by the experts as there is nothing available officially yet.

For starters, we can expect that Windows 12 is going to be lighter and faster as an OS than its previous version of Windows 10.

However, Jerry Nixon, one of Microsoft’s delegates, mentioned in one of his recent interviews that they are still working on the latest version of Windows 10 as it is still in the developing stage.

Now let us get into some of the most anticipated features that are being expected in Windows 12.

Windows 12 Expected Features

  • The new improvements and compatibility specifications in Windows 12 will provide an exceptional platform for any program that has deficits in addressing issues and basic functionality.
  • Windows 12 can be a resolved version of Windows 10 having many problems like the Poor Pool Header issue or the Memory Management problems etc. 
  • We might envision an integrated video recorder in Windows 12 as we do not have any distinct form of monitor recorder to capture a monitor image.
  • We can also expect Windows 12 to be the swiftest web traveler. 
  • Rumors say that Microsoft is intending to make a VR-compatible OS for everybody at economical rates.
  • It is also foreseen to have a home design with a left-aligned interface and several other shortcuts for more effortless access to necessary files.
  • It is going to be available with an improved and new gaming mode, and a modern 3D paint option.

Possible Advantages and Disadvantages of the Windows 12

What would be good about Windows 12

  • It will have better synchronization between the computer and the user.
  • There will be tools like voice recognition and touch screen etc.
  • It is going to be a lighter OS and occupy less space.
  • It is supposed to support both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.
  • The OS will save more energy.

What would not be good about Windows 12

  • It can cost a bit high
  • Will not be compatible with obsolete technologies and drivers
  • Maximum operations will be automated, which means there will be less control in the hands of the uses
  • People using an older version of the Windows operating system will have to install a whole new OS
  • It will no longer have tools like live-essential tools, movie-maker tools, etc. 

Apprehended New Editions of Windows 12

The Windows 12 operating system is being apprehended to have six different versions.

We have tried to mention the different versions and give little briefs about each type. 

  1. Starter: It will be the most basic version of all the other versions. It will have fewer functionalities compared to the rest types. It may not have any configuration ability or a finished GUI series. This version will be most applicable for low-performance PCs or notebooks as it is going to be the lightest version. 
  2. Home Basic: It is a better option as compared to the previous one. However, it is still in the development stage and has resemblances with the launcher application. It is also a good option for low-end home computers with basic configurations.
  3. Premium Home: It a slightly updated version of the home basic version. It will offer more design and personalization functionalities with the various codecs and multimedia files of the Windows Media Centres.
  4. Professional: It is a similar version of the Vista business. It will give the enterprise or consumer machines the flexibility to have the Home Premium functionality and the capability to record, guard electronically, and encode the information to secure the privacy of the data.
  5. Enterprise: The high-tech version is apt for networked computers and businesses with its all-inclusive set of computerized data security tools, an all-new language kit, and a collection of safety job tools. This version will only be provided under the corporate arrangement of Microsoft.
  6. Ultimate: It is the ultimate advanced edition of the Windows 12 operating system. This version is equipped with the capability to distribute to the mass.

Few More Speculated Updates on Windows 12

  • Dark modern

In the previous versions of Windows operating systems, Microsoft already had the dark mode option for several applications, including Microsoft Edge, Settings, Calculator, Groove Music, and a few others.

What is new in the updated version of Windows 12 is that it now has the dark mode feature even for the file explorer.

This option will definitely be an added benefit as it will give you a consistent dark experience in the entire Windows 12 OS, and it will also be a good option for people who love working at night and have a dark appearance.

  • Clipboard History

It is going to be another outstanding feature. Previously the clipboard memory was volatile.

It could store only one cut or copied text until you reselect some other text.

Every time you select a text the previous text would be gone. But now, with the clipboard history feature, this problem is gone.

You can choose and save multiple texts in a row without pasting them and still find all the copied text in the sequence in the clipboard history.

You will not only find all the data but also select and paste directly from the history one by one without going back to the source document every time.

  • Snip and Sketch

This feature enables you to scribble or edit the images or screenshots taken by you.

You can do activities with the picture like marking, scribbling, cropping, and drawing on it.

  • Texting

Texting will be a lot easier with this version of Windows OS. It allows you to synchronize your mobile with a laptop.

So, whenever any message comes to your mobile you can immediately reply to the message from your laptop without reaching out to the mobile. 

  • Power Usage

Managing the power usage of your laptop will become a lot easier with the new operating system.

It will give you access to detailed information on the battery drainage trend making it easier to control the power usage of different power-consuming apps. 

  • Windows Security

The last significant update that is going to happen in Windows 12 is in the Windows antivirus protection system.

Windows Defender, the default Windows security system is now going to be known as Windows Security.

This new version of the security system is going to be more helpful as there will be many new features for improved security.

Windows 12 Lite is Not What You Think

Many of you may have seen several YouTube videos or other reviews of the Windows 12 Lite operating system.

Many of those reviews may claim to be the next and latest version of Windows 10, what we have right now. But that is nothing but a fake alert. 

Yes, there is a version called Windows 12 Lite, which was first launched in February 2020.

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But let us tell you that this is not the latest version of the series of Windows operating systems.

Neither it was launched by Microsoft. Rather it is a Linux Operating system, more specifically the Linux Lite 4.8 version.

At a glance, it looks like an original Windows OS, and it also claims to be three times faster than Windows 10. 

Final Takeaway

If you are searching for a better alternative to Windows 10, then probably the Windows 12 Lite version cannot be the right answer to that.

On the other hand, the original Windows 12 operating system is being conceived as a better version than Windows 10 version in many ways.

It should be a faster variant and support the working process of Microsoft applications with smoother operations.

Although there are still no official announcements, we can anticipate the launch of an updated version of Windows 10 any time soon.

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