How To Fix Xapk File Validation Failed Error In Android?

xapk file validation

How To Fix Xapk File Validation Failed Error In Android? xapk file validation is a common issue for people who are downloading pirated games. A lot of people are searching for Xapk File Validation errors on Google. That’s why I  have written this article. Xapk error is the same as the” you may not have purchased this app … Read more

5 Best VPN for Android


A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is used to make activity on the internet more secure. It disguises the actual location of your server and changes the coordinates to one of the servers on its network. This helps to protect your information and activity. VPNs are legal and are available for purchase online. You … Read more

Picuki – Get to Know About This Ultimate Instagram Editor and Viewer


Picuki is a beautiful, exciting, and knowledgeable platform for all of us, as it embarks on its prosperity towards a new ocean of technological methodologies. Its splendid sensuousness attracts many internet users to use it and understand its technical format. Nevertheless, it’s a blessing for all of us, as it spreads its pious vibrations giving … Read more

8 Best Photo Editing Apps On Android

11 Best Photo Editing Apps

Best Photo Editing Apps On Android These days people are concentrating more on phone cameras rather than on phone specifications such as processor, ram, etc., So to make you look beautiful here we have decided to list the best photo editing apps on android. These best photo editing apps will make you edit your pictures … Read more

How To Protect Android Phone From Hackers?

Android, is the market leader in Mobile OS but the most attacked as well. The number of malware types has also increased. A Kaspersky Security report said in that ninety-nine percent of newly discovered mobile malicious programs target the Android platform. Hackers don’t need physical access to your phone to steal your personal information or infect … Read more

How to Delete Cookies on iPhone


While exploring websites on the go, most users don’t realize that data is being stored as cookies. It does help with faster loading times. Moreover, the websites can identify a particular user and their preferences and accordingly adjust the webpage. However, we will advise the users to clear the cookies after regular intervals of time. … Read more

10 Best keyboard apps for Android

10 Best keyboard apps for Android These days due to improvement in technology we stopped writing and started typing.So here are the 10 best keyboard apps for you.Smartphone keyboards are never fast enough, never auto correct correctly and often lead to frustration. Do you relate to these problems? Then check out our list of the best Android keyboard apps for … Read more