Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU usage Error

Windows modules installer worker

If you using Windows 10, you probably have noticed that the windows modules installer is using a lot of CPU leaving no room for the execution of other processes and applications. You’re certainly not alone, most Windows 10 users face this problem. You’ve arrived at the right place if you want to fix the windows … Read more

Myfiosgateway- Setup Router, Login, Manage WiFi Settings


Myfiosgateway router is the most advanced router by Verizon that offers high security, and faster network speed, and lets you connect all your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PC, laptops to transmit photos, videos, and full movies, and other files from one device to others seamlessly. So, have you bought your new Fios Gateway … Read more

DNS Server isn’t Responding on Windows 10 [Fixed]

DNS Server not responding

Whenever your browser is unable to establish an internet connection, you will get the DNS server not responding to Windows 10 messages through the Windows Troubleshooting Program. There are several reasons why this message popped up in the first place, but there is nothing to worry about it. While following through with some of the easy steps, … Read more

Fix Windows Service Host SuperFetch Error

service host Superfetch

Windows 10 was a completely revolutionary operating system, and it entirely changed the ways in which Microsoft used to handle various elements of the OS. Starting from supporting the newest of hardware while still keeping the legacy of the past, Windows 10 is truly an OS built for everyone. But, again, there are some features … Read more