Fix Windows Installation Encountered An Unexpected Error

Fix Windows Installation Encountered An Unexpected Error
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Fix Windows Installation Encountered An Unexpected Error

Windows Installation Encountered An Unexpected Error is a common problem for most of the people while installing windows in their pc.

There are so many error codes depending upon the problem but there are only few number of fixes.Some of the errors are error code:0xC0000005 and error code:0xE0000100.

So here are some possible fixes for this error that i have found working.Please go through them properly and i hope you will solve those errors.Please remove all he devices connected to your pc to continue with windows installation.


1)As you will be having installation disk already you have to go to command prompt section to solve this error.First click on “Repair your computer” as shown in below image.

Windows Installation

2)Now after clicking “Repair your computer” go to “Advanced Options” and click on “Command Prompt” as shown below.

Windows Installation

3)After Opening Command Prompt type the following commands one by one:

Diskpart [Press Enter] List Disk [Press Enter] Select Disk X [Press Enter] Where X is your Hard Disk number
Clean [Press Enter] Create Primary Partition [Press Enter] Active [Press Enter]

4)If the “Active” command doesn’t work then your hard disk in in GPT Format.No need to worry about it.Just close the command prompt and restart your pc for windows installation.

5)Now just go through all the preliminary actions until you com here “Where do you want to install Windows?

Windows Installation

6)If your hard disk is in MBR format just continue installing.If your hard disk is in GPT format then make a new partition half the size of the hard disk.Then continue with windows installation.It should go fine!

If the above steps didn’t work,few possible fixes are:

1)Change the usb port when you are installing from usb pendrive.Check whether you are inserting the pendrive in 3.0 port or 2.0 port.

2)Reflash your pen drive again before starting the installation.Please format your pendrive to FAT or FAT32 file format and then flash the iso into it.

3)In case of dvd check whether the dvd is corrupted due to scratches.Also try to use another installation cd.

4)Try to use another iso from torrents(i cant provide you links here).

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