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How to uninstall a Program/App in windows 10 – Stepwise tutorial

How to uninstall a Program/App in windows 10 – Stepwise tutorial

Sometime you come across a situation where you have to uninstall a program/ app in Windows 10 but you aren’t able to find out where to start. In this post, I’ll share step-wise tutorial to teach the readers of our blog to uninstall apps or unwanted program from Windows 10 operating system.

Though Windows 10 itself is a powerful and easy to operate operating system as compared to Windows 8 or 7 yet since the creator – Microsoft made lots of changes to Windows 10, sometimes it becomes confusing where to find program that we want to uninstall and how to proceed.

It may happen that you’ve installed some software to test it Or the software you’ve installed was used only once Or there could be several programs/ apps that are outdated and you do not want to used them anymore. It is suggested to remove such programs.

The other possible reason I can think of why anyone would want to install a program is to free some space in the hard drive. That’s actually a smart idea ! If you do not want to use any program or apps installed on your PC, its better to remove it, you will free some space on your PC.

Installation of larger number of programs that occupy major chunk of your disk space could slower down the processing speed of your PC which is really frustrating.

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As I said Windows 10 is already a very advanced operating system and doesn’t allow to automatically install unwanted software or programs when you browse some websites, yet some programs are so powerful they bypass securities and get installed on your PC automatically without your knowledge. You don’t get to know about such programs until you start to face problems.

There could be N number of reasons why anyone wants to uninstall a program in Windows 10, I’m not getting into much detail.

As the technology advancing, we are changing ourselves to adopt latest technology. In early days (Windows XP, Vista etc) we used to call all the software “Programs” but in windows 10, we call them Apps/features and not programs anymore. That’s because the company trying to bring the users of mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets and PC (or laptop) to a same platform. For the mobile device users such programs are called Apps.

Let’s get back to topic and start with  the process. For the sake of this tutorial I’ll try to demonstrate steps by uninstalling a program though it is one my favorite program. Don’t worry, I’ll re-install it later.

Uninstalling a program (or App/ feature) in Windows 10

Getting ready-

  • Make sure you have sufficient battery backup (atleast 50%).
  • You have the charger and power to charge laptop if needed.
  • Close all the programs that are running.
  • Restart laptop once because in some cases even though you close all the program, certain process still going on in the background that may cause problem.


Step 1:  The very first step is to go to Desktop and see this small icon adjacent to Date & Time as indicated by arrow in below figure. It looks like a call out button. Click it and then click go to “All Settings”.

Uninstall program in windows 10

Step 2: When you click “All settings” button. It will take you to the settings where you can control every setting. For example if you want to make changes to mouse settings or want to change display settings, you can do it from here. Now click on “System” as highlighted in red in below image.


All settings

Step 3: When you click “System” all the system settings as shown in below image will be displayed. Our focus here is to go to “Apps & features”. Do not touch any other setting, it may cause problem.

Click programs

Step 4: When you click “Apps & features” the list of all the programs installed in Windows 10 will popup. Go through entire list and find out the program you want to uninstall from Windows 10. It may take sometime to populate the whole list of installed programs. Wait till the process get completed and all the programs appear in the list.

Program List

Step 5:  When you find the program you want to remove from Windows 10. Click “Uninstall” button as shown in below figure. Here for the sake of writing this tutorial, I am uninstalling a program called tumblrhunter. When you click “Uninstall” button, it gives you warning that this particular app and related information will be uninstalled.

If you are Ok with it, go ahead and hit Uninstall button.

Step 6:  When you hit Uninstall button, it again asks you if you really want to uninstall this particular program. Go ahead and say YES if you’ve decided to uninstall program you are intended to.

Confirm uninstall

Step 7: The moment you hit YES, the process of uninstalling program will begin. It make take few seconds to few minutes to uninstall program depending on the size. Do not disturb and allow uninstallation process to complete.

Uninstall in progress

Step 8: After sometime when the process is complete, you will get a message that the program is successfully removed from your  computer. Bravo ! you’re done !

Uninstallation complete

I hope it makes process of  uninstalling a program in Windows 10 easier and helps people.

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How to uninstall a Program/App in windows 10 – Stepwise tutorial
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