www aka ms yourpc- Sync Your Phone With Computer


Microsoft has launched its special phone companion app to connect smartphones to Windows PC. This dedicated app is designed for all Windows PC users who often connect their smartphones to PC. The procedure for connecting your smartphone to a Windows PC has become a lot easier with the new www.aka.ms/yourpc app. Everything you need to … Read more

5 Best VPN for Android


A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is used to make activity on the internet more secure. It disguises the actual location of your server and changes the coordinates to one of the servers on its network. This helps to protect your information and activity. VPNs are legal and are available for purchase online. You … Read more

How To Fix System Service Exception

System Service Exception

There are many Windows Blue Screen of Death errors, shortly known as BSOD errors ( such as DPC Watchdog Violation, System Thread Exception Not Handled), and one of such Windows BSOD errors is System Service Exception. This becomes very bothersome because the computer restarts itself suddenly and that much-unsaved data will be gone. It continues … Read more

Fix Windows Installation Encountered An Unexpected Error

Windows Installation

Fix Windows Installation Encountered An Unexpected Error Windows Installation Encountered An Unexpected Error is a common problem for most people while installing Windows on their pc. The world is changing very fast and the requirement to do more tasks with the computer is changing fast as well. To meet these requirements Microsoft keeps on upgrading … Read more

Picuki – Get to Know About This Ultimate Instagram Editor and Viewer


Picuki is a beautiful, exciting, and knowledgeable platform for all of us, as it embarks on its prosperity towards a new ocean of technological methodologies. Its splendid sensuousness attracts many internet users to use it and understand its technical format. Nevertheless, it’s a blessing for all of us, as it spreads its pious vibrations giving … Read more

WMLINK/2Step Verification: How to do Walmart 2 Step Verification


You have probably heard about Walmart! The largest company in the United States and one of the largest in Canada, Walmart was once just geologically limited to the South and the lower Midwest but has now become an international retailer company. With over 10,500 stores internationally, the company employs over 2.2 billion workers and refers … Read more